All Things Risk Podcast: AI Supremacy - Ep. 91

Browse through anything about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and chances are, you will run into two types of articles: First, you will find all the thought pieces by the likes of the Big 4 accountancy firms, major consultancies, the World Economic Forum and others that discuss all the opportunities that AI provides. Second, you will find very technical articles for the “techies” that focus on the ins and outs of these technologies. What you will struggle to find are pieces and conversations about the key risks and related implications these technologies create with a broader audience in mind. Until now. Today, we talk AI Supremacy.

If you are a long-time listener to the show, then the names Daniel Wagner and Keith Furst should be familiar to you. Both have appeared on the podcast previously (and in Daniel’s case, he has appeared a record four times on the show) and join me again today. The two have recently teamed up to write AI Supremacy: Winning in the Era of Machine Learning. This is a book that makes AI accessible to a broad audience and opens up a conversation that we desperately need to have. I am delighted to bring this one to you.

The book is loaded with fascinating insights and we get into many of these in this episode including:

  • What AI, machine learning and neural networks are;

  • The opportunities AI brings to a range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and law;

  • AI in policing and “predictive policing”

  • The risks associated with AI and governance, ethics and privacy;

  • AI and sex and relationships – the world in which we live is going to get weirder in this regard!;

  • International relations and AI – the “race” for AI supremacy;

  • What China is doing in this space and why it is leading;

  • What most other countries are not doing and what this means;

  • Governance of AI and what we should be doing to manage its risks;

  • Much more!

Show notes:

The book AI Supremacy: Winning in the Era of Machine Learning

Keith’s firm, Data Derivatives

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Daniel on Twitter:

Daniel’s company, Country Risk Solutions:

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Editor's Note: A version of this podcast first appeared here in the All Things Risk podcast on September 12, 2018.