“Wagner and Furst eloquently present the promises and perils of AI in a way that resists the tendency to over and underestimate the social, political, and economic impacts. In a world where AI Supremacy is more than industry domination or achieving first mover status, the authors recognize that there is no real end to this race. In their talented, critical and in-depth geopolitical analysis of our quest to solving intelligence, the authors keep us eager to learn more about our hybrid futures and for this reason, this book is a must-read.”

Eleonore Pauwels, Research Fellow on Emerging Cybertechnologies at the United Nations University’s CENTER for Policy Research and Director of the AI Lab at the Wilson Center

“Daniel and Keith help us understand social, political, and economic changes that will follow
a wide adoption of AI and machine learning by adjusting norms, policies, and business models.
AI Supremacy is a great milestone to engage us all in a critical conversation about how we want
our AI-enabled future be more inclusive and sustainable.”

Danil Kerimi, Head of Information, Technology, and Electronics Industries, World
Economic Forum

“The authors do a superb job of defining what AI is, and what it isn’t, providing a comprehensive view of its use in commercial, civil, military, and intelligence applications, including the health and financial industries. AI Supremacy is a thorough and exhaustive review of an important, soon to be ubiquitous, technology, containing much of what is known about the subject. It is a fascinating read and is highly recommended for anyone working in or interested in the subject.”

MajOR GenERAL (Ret.) Robert H. Latiff, Ph.D., Author of Future War: Preparing for the New Global Battlefield

“The AI revolution will entail vast and unpredictable disruption within societies, across countries, and among geopolitical blocks. AI Supremacy is singular among the AI literature. It is a powerful, sweeping, compellingly structured and presented overview of the essential questions that the advent of AI–including the potential for
superintelligence—raises. It examines the factors and forces that will drive change and define the battle lines in a new kind of quest for supremacy. This quest will determine how we experience our professional and personal lives, whether privacy and dignity–indeed ethics—will subsist, how societies are organized and stratified, how we educate our children and care for the ill and the elderly, how we fight our wars, what the global order will look like, and even how we conceive of what it means to be human. AI Supremacy is as thoughtful and comprehensive an exploration as you will find. It will equip readers-policymakers, corporate leaders, and ordinary citizens alike-with the knowledge needed to become informed participants in a
pressingly needed, high stakes societal dialogue.”

Nicolas Economou, CEO, H5, senior advisor of the AI Initiative at The Future Society, and chair of the Law Committee, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

“Daniel Wagner and Keith Furst explore the problems that a radical shift toward AI utilization may present and answer pertinent questions with meticulous attention. AI Supremacy bridges conversations about economics and technology with comprehensive research and thorough examinations; it is a convincing resource. The book is as persuasive as it is thorough. Technology and economics professionals, and individuals concerned about the future of AI, will find the work informative and useful.”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Wagner and Furst provide a healthy dose of common sense to cut through the hype surrounding AI.”

Rand Waltzman, Senior Information Scientist, RAND Corporation

“In a world where there are more connected devices than people, what happens when the machines start speaking to each other with the intelligence and agency usually reserved for humanity? The specter of
artificial intelligence, machine learning, and job-destroying industrial automation has far-reaching implications for business, public policy, and global economic security. In AI Supremacy, Daniel Wagner and Keith Furst write a considerable treatise on how AI will shape the future of work and the future of the world. This is an
important work addressing one of the world’s most pressing and least understood decisions – how shall we coexist with smart machines and how do we cope if Moore’s Law turns against us?”

Dante Disparte, Founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative and Founding Advisor to the Global Blockchain Business Council

"Wagner and Furst exhaustively explore the inner workings and implications of AI. Each chapter focuses on the current and future state of AI within a specific industry, country or society. Special emphasis is placed on how AI will shape the domestic, diplomatic, and military landscapes of the US, EU, and China. This tome is a great resource for politicians, entrepreneurs, scholars, and ethicists to research short and long-term trends in AI and where humanity fits into this brave new world."

Russell Whitehouse, Executive Editor, International Policy Digest

"Daniel Wagner and Keith Furst have produced an inspired book that neatly unpacks the growing potential risks which accompany the race undertaken by organizations and governments alike-toward supremacy in artificial intelligence. Over fourteen lucid chapters, the authors  entertain, edify, and educate by analyzing most rigorously the plethora of themes associated with the emergence of AI and machine learning. From the globalization of AI to international espionage and the scale of China’s quest for supremacy, Wagner and Furst’s work is a real page turner. They raise deeply pertinent, often unanswerable questions that simultaneously highlight the enormous parameters of human fallibility, and the growing existential threat to human nature. AI Supremacy is a must read for individuals, businesses, and government officials who are seeking to understand what this unprecedented phenomenon means for the future of our shaky international system."

Aditya Ramachandran, Research Associate, Hybrid Reality

"Once again, Daniel Wagner demonstrates his expertise of relatable intelligence. He and Keith Furst provide the reader with memorable, real world examples of how AI is changing the course of humanity, and what to expect in the future. Entertaining, meaningful, and insightful, this book is a powerful revelation into the future of mankind and the world around us."

Jennifer Ciotta, Author of I, Putin